IMG_2845Alexandria Park the owner, practiced Interior Architecture for several years as a commercial architect.  Prior to the inception of APark Design Studio, Alexandria worked for several prestigious design firms on high-status and award winning projects.
She served as a adjunct professor as well as a speaker at different universities about her talent and her designs.
She is a recipient of Dupage Art Award in 2007.
Alexandria was also a member of Advisory Board at the Institute of Art and Design of Robert Morris University.
She is a graduate of prestigious “The School of the Art Institute of Chicago” Some of the famous alumni include Georgia O’keefe (Blue and Green music), Grant Wood (American Gothic) and Ivan Albright (Into the world there came a soul called Ida).

“Selected for the Best of 2015, 2016 and 2017”

“Selected for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Best of Katy Awards for Architects and Designers.”




IMG_2982My Philosophy

I design to be both functional and dramatic, yet timeless in its appeal.  Architecture enables me to combine the strongest aspects of my personality.  I have fascination with functional art and design, enthusiasm for solving practical problems.

“I focus on quality, providing Interior Architectural services that demand inspired design and technical expertise.  All projects are approached thoughtfully resulting in unique and often unexpected solutions,”

•    Our billing is based on an hourly fee (with a minimum of two hours).
•    We can provide all of the tradesman necessary for your project or we are glad to   work with your own sources.
•    No pressure, constant communication, and impeccable service are our minimum standards.
•    Excellence in our work has made us the most recommended firm with satisfied clients throughout the Houston and Chicago
•    APark Design specializes in design for international and national clients who are relocating. We provide fast, efficient and exquisite interiors that include all inclusive services.